Top class holistic fitness! 

 November 6, 2022

I’ve never enjoyed fitness so much! I was never a gym go-er, never enjoyed classes and always felt envious of those who got the exercise ‘buzz’. So, after a friend recommending AK Active and speaking so highly about it, I couldn’t help but try it for myself. Seriously, I actually looked forward to the classes and my mindset has totally been changed towards exercise. I’m no longer fixated on the scales, and instead I’m enjoying the feeling of satisfaction and yeap, the ‘buzz’ after each session, as well as both the mental and physical rewards of being healthier. This is a holistic programme, where you get everything you need – inspiring instructors, fun and energetic sessions, nutrition plans and all the support you need. The sessions have the perfect number of attendees, making a great atmosphere but small enough to almost get one to one tuition, where needed. Give it a go, I’m so glad I did!

Date of experience: 27 May 2022

~ Lorna R

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