January 3

SIX reasons why 2024 is the BEST time to join one of our life changing programs.



Decent Food



Big Expensive machines

Yep… See why below 🙂

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Your Body Confidence Program is a double award winning program AND rated Excellent on Trustpilot.

Wondering whether you should make the jump from the fence & join one of our programs? Rest assured knowing that we’ve transformed hundreds of lives through our program and have been recognised for it with two awards.

Community that carries you to and through your goals.

Imagine having a personal trainer, a nutritionist AND a cheerleading squad in your pocket. When you’re a member of our community, you’ll come to understand why so many say that its much more than a gym. Everybody knows how to eat less and move more, but how many of us actually do it without accountability & support? With our support system you simply cannot fail. You’ll surprise yourself with what you can accomplish with our support.

Non restrictive nutrition that feels like a lifestyle, NOT another January fad.

We don’t do diets. If you can’t see yourself on it a year from now, then its simply no good. Life is about balance, and your nutrition should be no different. You should be able to eat with your family, grab something on the go, go out to eat without ruining all of your heard work, drink alcohol AND indulge in the odd treat. We make it so you reach your goals whilst eating what you love. Only then will it stick for life. No more January resolutions that fail by February.

Training sessions that leave you wanting more, not wondering if you should start your engine and drive home before even setting foot in the place.

We know what its like to feel intimidated in a gym, that’s why we created AK Active in the first place. We vowed to create a place that was different, where everyone felt that they belonged. Our sessions are challenging yet fun. Our mission is to have you leave our studio in a better mood than when you walked in. We show our members that there is another way. A way to love exercise and find something that works for you to get results.

A BRAND NEW APP that keeps everything you need to skyrocket your results in one place.

Think check ins, nutrition, challenges, workouts and more! This really does put your journey in your hands.


The introduction of the InBody 270 give you a deeper look into your results.

How many times have you stepped on the scales, only to look at the number between your feet to see that it hasn’t changed? – How much have you then wanted to abandon everything and grab a tub of Ben & Jerrys? The InBody gives us a deeper look into what’s really going on with muscle mass, fat mass and water in your body. Your results go so much deeper than the scales, and that’s not just in body, but in mind, too.

So, imagine ALL of this in addition our already hugely successful programs that have changes the lives of hundreds in Preston, South Ribble & now Blackburn.

If you’re ready to get serious results in 2024, then we are here for you.


Transform Your Body, Transform Your Mind, Transform Your Life

Discover how you can transform your body and mind in just 6 weeks by clicking the button.

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