July 10

Blackburn, we are coming for you!

Genuinely, I can’t believe I am writing this…

When I first started at a commercial gym, I hated it. Not only that, because I was so skinny, I was laughed at for even going in the first place! I felt intimidated, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, and I didn’t have the support to get started. I felt like I didn’t belong. Although we hadn’t met yet, Kimberley was going the same issues, struggling to navigate her way through masses of conflicting information, with ways to diet and train that were simply unrealistic for most people who had busy lives and families. We have been through all of the pitfalls in the health and fitness industry, and never wanted to feel like that again. We don’t want anybody else to feel like that either…

Fast forward to the incredible work of AK Active and how we’ve influenced hundreds of lives to help people feel happier, healthier and more confident with what started out of a single garage. Even before that, I remember somebody once laughed at us for only managing to get 5 in a class when Kimberley first qualified as a PT…

We literally bought our house so that we could squeeze four people in the garage and run mini PT sessions. That grew to our amazing Transformation studio based in Lostock Hall, just outside of Preston, where our member base is now over 100 strong where our mission and our values are clear.

We empower People to live a happier, heather, more confident life-style, whilst losing weight and boosting self esteem. Feeling fitter, stronger & more confident.

What started out as a dream to create a safe space, where people can feel comfortable, not intimidated or out of place. Somewhere they belong, where they can go and understand exactly what they need to do to look and feel at their best. Not only that, but enjoy the process and actually want to be there, too!

We know that you can’t be healthy in body without being healthy in mind, too. That’s why our approach of lovingly providing all the help, support and guidance you could ever need on top of simply the best community you could ever ask for is completely unmatched.

Our passion has fuelled the fire to push us this far. Now are proud to announce that not only will we continue to influence more lives in Preston and South Ribble, but also now we will increase our capabilities to boost the Body & Minds of those further afield as we expand our reach in Lancashire.

September will see us grow the amazing AK Active team, and open the doors to our brand new Transformation Studio in Blackburn.

Brand new building. Brand new studio. The same signature method with our personal touch that’s changed the lives of hundreds.

Blackburn we are coming for you, and we can’t wait!

Our first Body Confidence Program in Blackburn will launch in September.

Adam & Kimberley


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