Amazing place, you won’t regret joining! 

 November 6, 2022

I thought about joining around 8 months ago and kept putting it off, I kept thinking not yet, I’ll join soon. Always thinking of excuses as to why I couldn’t go. I eventually joined around 2 months ago and I’m just sorry I waited so long, I wish I did it sooner! This isn’t like any other gym. The people are lovely, the instructors are great and the classes are fantastic. The support you get outside of classes is next level, everyone is just cheering each other on, everyone just wants everyone else to succeed! I haven’t enjoyed exercising for a long time until now, I absolutely love going which I never thought I’d say. I’ve signed up for 12 months now and I know I’ll be able to commit because I enjoy it so much! I’ve made time for something I ‘never had time for’ in the past. You really won’t regret joining, Highly recommended!

Date of experience: 18 May 2022

~ Jen Turner

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