Amazing gym and people! 

 November 6, 2022

I joined AK Active 4 weeks ago and in that time I have lost 10 pounds which is amazing for me! They created a nutrition plan based on the foods I like to eat and based on my current weight and how much I want to loose. This has helped guide my meals so much. The sessions at the gym are always so different and exciting meaning I never get bored of them. The support from Kimberley and Adam is great. They teach me the right techniques to use to ensure I don’t hurt myself with weights etc and will push me to do more (which I need cause I can be lazy!) They get to know each person and what their strengths are and what areas they need to work on meaning they can help so much more during sessions. The group of people that go are so lovely and having other people to support during tricky weeks makes such a difference. It is such a different setting than a normal gym, which I’ve tried many of and always given up by now.
It’s a whole lifestyle change and in such a short space of time I feel like a new person!
I love it!

Date of experience: 04 May 2021

~ Hayley

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