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AK Active tailored bespoke one off nutrition plan

AK Nutrition: One Off Plan

AK Active

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A one-off diet plan tailored to your goal whether it is mass gain or weight loss.

You will get:

- Macro-nutrient calculation, protein, carbs & fat intake
- Calorie intake calculation
- A comprehensive plan with multiple meal choices to stop you from getting bored
- Structured around your lifestyle
- A guide to supplements and vitamins to help you hit your goals
- induction into our private client group for life
- Contact with us for nutritional guidance
- Discounts on AK Active supplements


This plan will get you started in the right direction with different ingredient options to stop you from getting bored. We calculate your specific calorie and macro-nutrient intake in order to provide you with the best possible potential to smash your goals, re-adjust your body composition and have you feeling more confident.

A full diet and supplementation plan is put in place with recommended vitamins and minerals, tips and tricks to maximise your potential.

You will be inducted into the Lions Den, a private social media group specifically for clients, PLUS get discounts on all AK supplements.

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