28 Day Body Confidence Graduate Program

28 Day Body Confidence Graduate Program

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🏆 28 Day Graduate Program 🏆

This is what success looks like!

You've smashed our Kick Starter - Now its time to graduate!

Our Values are:


-28 Days Rolling Heath & Fitness Body Transformation Package

-UNLIMITED semi-private classes with one of our body transformation experts. Our specialized work out plans will leave you wondering why you didn't join us sooner.

- A NEW healthy & delicious recipe guide each month! Make amazing meals for you AND your family.

-24/7 Facebook group support, guidance & inspiration. You will be part of our community with lots of our clients, each and every single one of them are here to support you.

-1-1 Assessment, Learn & understand how amazing your body is and how it functions at its best! We will monitor you throughout the 28 days with our weekly assessment.


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