Our clients are amazing. Full stop. We understand that each and every body is different. There is no one size fits all when it comes to being healthy in both body and mind.

We have created an amazing community of clients who all support and motivate eachother. - And we couldn't be more proud!

Things you should know about these people..

  1. Every single client matters
  2. Its not even about the weight loss or the measurements dropping, its about the confidence and the community that we build together.
  3. They eat foods that they love
  4. Nothing is EVER off limits
  5. Every single one of them has evolved not only in body but in mind too. Their confidence shines through just as it should do.
  6. They all work together and support each other in our amazing AK community.
  7. YOU can join them and also get AMAZING results, too! 


The progress that Nika has made with us has been nothing short of amazing in the time frame we have had together. Her positivity and drive shines through every session and we LOVE the energy she brings to every class! Nika provides constant support to our other clients helping them too achieve their goals. Her transformation pics speak for themselves!


‘’It has been an amazing journey, with support, motivation and with constant determination - I have enjoyed every minute of it with no setbacks. Whatever you do don’t quit, then you will achieve your goal ‘’


Jay knew how to train had but needed nutritional guidance in order to drop some body fat, The result is visible abs with a tasty, sustainable meal plan! Jay is from London, and it just shows that no matter where you are, our plans will work for you.


Mo is a long distance client in London. We communicate via social media and WhatsApp. Not only did we achieve amazing progress in time for Mo's holiday, we were able to introduce lifestyle changes rather than a quick fix diet!


Gary is a keen runner and so we had to switch up his training and nutrition to really make an impact on his body composition, whilst still ensuring he had enough energy to run. The results have been fantastic and Gary looks fantastic, too!


"I’ve always struggled to lose weight despite my best efforts, AK Active made my goals not only possible but sustainable.....I’m able to enjoy great tasting food with the tailored nutrition plan, and the classes are really enjoyable. Adam and Kimberley really do give 100% not only to motivate, encourage and support but to also make you feel confident and happy with achieving your goals. Best lifestyle decision I’ve made in years"


Not only has Paula achieved amazing results with us, she has also been helping other members to do the same with her fantastic tasty meal prep methods! Just ask her how she lost weight BUT had never felt so full at the same time! ;-). Paula has been a rock within the AK community, helping others with their meal prep!



Being ex military, Pete was used to having intense workouts. His strength and determination to push on shines through every workout. How brilliant is this transformation?!


Mary is our amazing banner girl! From our first banner, seeing Kimberley help support her, to our latest image seeing her lift up Kimberley! We can't put into words how proud we are of Mary and the impact she has had on our other clients. Not only has Marys body composition dramatically changed by her losing over one and a half stone, her personality has shone through. It has been amazing to watch her come out of her shell during her journey so far. Long may her confidence shine through!


"Since joining AK active I have not only exceeded my expectations in physical capabilities but my mental health has improved so much too. I have made friends for life and I now find myself encouraging others. I have complete faith in Kimberley and Adam. I know that I am safe in their hands and they know just how far to push me. I never want to miss a session ( who knew?!? ) I can go in after a stressful day and leave feeling exhilarated. People who have known me for years can’t believe the difference and to be honest neither can I!"




Maddie came to us really shy and quiet, fast forward to now and she's one of the most caring and inspirational members to both us and others in the group! She pushes and supports others to really lift spirits and celebrate their accomplishments! Plus, just look at her own amazing transformation!


"I’m stronger than I ever have been, I’m happier and healthier! AK active don’t just do PT sessions, they embrace you as part of the AK family! Adam and Kimberley are with you every step of the way, nothing is ever too much to ask!"
So there you have it, and thats just a hand full of amazing clients that we have been lucky enough to be part of their journey.
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