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Kimberley is amazing at her job! She has put together a brilliant plan for me and pushes me in every single session. She has also helped me to build my confidence in going to the gym as before I started the session, I wouldn’t go to the gym on my own. She also makes sure you are training in a safe way, would highly recommend Kimberley!

Kimberley is amazing. She pushes you, but I enjoyed it. You think you have a limit, but she makes sure you break it. She has showed me new techniques, which I have since followed and they are very effective. She has also helped gain my confidence in the gym, and it feels more natural being in their. I would easily recommend!

Since i started with kimberley i ave progressed so much. I feel less tired, stronger, and fitter than i ever have done before. I went from benching 20kg and now im on 60 kg. I feel alot more confident in myself and feel with kimberleys help it will only keep improving.

Kimberly is awesome,she’s easy going friendly and a pleasure to work with,it wasn’t easy for me to start but with the help and continued support from her I have come along way in such a short amount of time,I’m really looking to what the near future will bring.

I was lucky enough to meet Kimberley before she left Gymworks and get an 60 min PT session. Kimberley is an amazing trainer and really makes you feel comfortable and like you can do what’s needed. Feel very grateful for her time and can’t wait to get an another session in soon. Highly recommend.

Kimberley is amazing - she is inspiring and pushes you to reach goals you never thought you could! Kimberley made me feel comfortable in the gym and I actually look forward to going now. She showed me there is more to exercise than gruelling cardio and had me trying all sorts of new and crazy things!

Kimberley is an absolute star! Not only does she encourage you to push harder in your workouts but is also extremely good at technique and focuses why it’s important to make sure that posture and technique is important, not just how much you can lift. She wants to make sure you get the best from your time in the gym and it has really helped me focus on my own posture, ensuring it’s correct before lifting.

I am half marathron and marathron training at the moment. I wanted to work on my core and build strength at the gym. So i asked Kimberley for a fitness plan and she showed me how train to the right way, but safely. 

She also pushes me to reach my goals in the goals and i really enjoy the sessions too. I'm on my third session and my body has changed and people have noticed it and its gave me so much confidence to push myself even more. 

I'm also on a diet plan with Adam as well and its changed my body as well with eating right and training hard. 

Thanks guys and looking forward to my next session. I'm getting the body i've always dreamed of. 

Id highly recommend there services. 

I am being taught by the best.

I really enjoyed my sessions with Kimberley. She gave me the confidence to go to the gym on my own knowing that I could workout safely.
I joined a gym class using weights and the instructor even commented on my lifting technique in the first class. I was able to say that I was taught by an expert!

In the few short weeks since starting PT with Kimberly I feel I have achieved more then from 4 years of going to the gym by myself. Not only do I feel physically better but the technical aspect of each exercise is carefully explained in how it will benefit you.

Kimberly approaches each session with encouragement and positivity which makes exercising feel more enjoyable and much less of a chore; I'd highly recommend.

AK Athletic are amazing. We have mother and daughter 1:1 Blitz and Burn training sessions with Kimberley ever week. So I get to work out and spend precious time with my daughter at the same time. She has took me off the sofa and into the gym and I thought that was impossible for anyone to do. The sessions are great and work out the whole body. Thank you AK x