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Bookings are for members only so please make sure you are signed up before trying to book a class. When you are booked on, you will be given an email and password.

Our Classes

Our classes are like no other! have fun, make new friends and reach your health and fitness goals. 

Classes are a fantastic way to burn through those calories, especially if you're short on time! All of our classes take no longer than 45 minutes, but have to potential to burn fat for up to 24 hours after!

Be prepared for an intense, fun session that will leave you absolutely buzzing for the rest of the day! You will be on an endorphin high!

Each class featured a warm up to prepare the muscles and joints for exercise to prevent injury. You will then complete your workout followed by a thorough cool down and friendly group chat to return your heart rate back down to resting.

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Safe Training

At AK Active, safe training is at the top of our list. This is to ensure that you are engaging the muscles correctly and preventing any possible injuries. We always show you how to perform the exercise before you get started. You have the power in your own hands to transform your body, we will give you the tools to make it happen.

Core Slam ™️

AK Active Core Slam
Our trademark program with trainers as far as Australia instructing it! Core Slam is an awesome HIIT style functional training session with the use of a slam ball and body weight moves! Your trainer will guide you through along with the workout tracks which are narrated by our very own AK transformation coaches! Each session lasts between 20-30 minutes, a great way to burn off a lot of calories in very little time. This is one of our members favourites!


AK Active BootcampBootcamp is an amazing session with variety and lots of functional moves. The sessions are kept fun and energetic; think tyre flipping, sledgehammers, ball slamming just to name a few. Don’t worry if you think it may be too difficult, our classes are for all abilities and because we are semi-private everything is adaptable. This is a fun 45 min session, we might even have a sneaky finisher in the session so all members can build a great bond together.


AK Active BeastThis is also a creation of AK Active and something we created in lock down. It was named the beast by one of our members. This is our crossfit style work out which is split into 3 x 10 minutes sections

The first section is a functional compound weights session where you will perform a range of exercises for a number of sets and reps.

The second section is an EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute.) A timer will be set for ten minutes. Every minute, you will perform an exercise for 10 reps. This means that over the time, you will perform 100 reps of a set exercise.

The third section is an AMRAP (As Many Reps as Possible.) You will be given five exercises to perform for 10 reps each. This means that each round is 50 reps. Progress through the exercises as many times as you can and really push yourself to new heights, past what you thought was possible. You can then try to beat your score in the next session!


AK Active Kettlebells

Grab a kettlebell and let’s go! Proven and used for centuries, Kettlebells is a varied, functional workout that will challenge your limits. Every workout is different which means that there is something new every time.


AK Active BoxerciseOne of the most loved sessions and sweatiest sessions you can have! This is the only class we allow 14 members as this is a pairs workout (paired with another member.) This makes it more fun because you have the support from not only the instructors but also your partner. It’s non-contact but you will hold pads for each other and there are lots of stations to keep you moving having fun.


AK Active MetaFITThis is a Full body, body weight HIIT work out. This class is 30 minutes long and will leave you feeling amazing after the session knowing you have put your all into it! Formed by a former Royal Marine Commando and an international gymnast in 2010, MetaFIT is the original group X HIIT workout. 30 minutes, non-choreographed, bodyweight only workouts that set the metabolism on fire.


AK Active MetaPWRThis is much like MetaFIT but with weights! It’s one of the favourites at AK Active. It’s a power circuit class using functional kit and exercises to work the muscles and boost your metabolism. This class is 30 minutes and will leave you feeling amazing after!


AK Active Preston GymJoin our weights session and feel empowered as we show you exactly how to lift safe and effectively to target specific muscles. This session is not as intense in terms of cardio but burns in a different way altogether! You will be completing a circuit made up of different, challenging exercises.


HIITSTEP AK Active Preston Gym HIIT Step is a NEW and innovative 30 minute HIIT exercise class using only bodyweight and a step. Using the principles of High Intensity Interval, Training, this class is choreographed to bespoke soundtracks created by some of the UK's top House DJs, HIIT Step is a high energy class that pushes you to new limits.