September 10

How Phil Transformed His Confidence & Changed His Life!

Say hello to Phil
Phil approached me back in August 2021 wanting to:

  • Boost body confidence.
  • Boost confidence in himself.
  • Improve his relationship with food.
  • Put healthy weight on.
  • Positively improve body composition by packing on some muscle.
  • Feel stronger.

I always love mass gain programming because of the position I came from originally so I have a lot of enthusiasm for getting Phil where he wants to be

During our first session, I think it’s fair to say that Phil left a little light headed having not been used to exercise out of badminton

Here are a couple of the numbers he was lifting during our first week:

Squat - the bar (20kg)
Bench - the bar (20kg)
Vs now:
Squat - 90kg
Bench - 50kg
How incredible is that?
In SIX months, I think it’s fair to say that we are well on our way.
But lifting big weights wasn’t our goal. These are the other things Phil has achieved during our time together:

  • His confidence has sky rocketed.
  • Hes packed on 8kg.
  • He’s trying new foods and his appetite has grown.
  • His posture has changed dramatically.

He’s a different person compared to our first lot of pictures.
People who see him now can’t believe the difference!
Absolutely amazing Phil, we are so proud to work with you.
The message?
Yes it was tough at first, but now Phil can look back and see just how far he’s come.
No matter where you’re at, not matter what stage of the journey.
Just start.
The time will pass either way. Time to take action.


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