AK Academy - 12 Week Online Body Transformation

AK Academy - 12 Week Online Body Transformation

AK Active

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The proven body transformation program that enables you how to make changes to your body and mind that stick for life.

No more fad diets.

No more rebounding.

No more turning up to the gym feeling intimidated.

Your body, your mind, your life. YOU are in control because YOU will have the knowledge to transform your body for good.

This plan features:

- 100% Tailored Nutrition

Reach your goals eating the food you love, we show you that you don't need to starve yourself to get the body you deserve. When you love the food, it doesn't feel like a diet and you're more likely to stick to it.

- 3x 100% Tailored workout programs ( one every four weeks)

A workout program to fit your needs and capabilities no matter what your equipment or environment. Gym based or home based, we tailor a program to suit your needs and send you a new one every three weeks to keep your body accelerating to new heights.

You'll also receive personalised videos to show you exactly what to do in your workout program. No more guessing or googling. We teach you the exact form to get the best results.

- Private Guided Support

You will be inducted into our active member only Facebook group for the ultimate in accountability and support. Awarded Lancashire's best mental health supporting gym, we know what you need to stay on track. You'll check in on there and we will be hosting mini challenges for all to get involved!

- WhatsApp Support

You'll never be far away from your trainer with nutrition, training and everyday guidance on hand if you ever need a chat. Please allow 24hrs for response.

- AK Academy Hub

Our online hub full or recipes, workouts and guidance to keep you on track. It's all you ever need to succeed on your health and fitness journey.

This is the opportunity to be part of an amazing movement in the fitness industry. If you're ready to take control, then we are ready to give you the knowledge and the tools to do so.

Ready? Lets go!