I needed to re-discover myself. The AK Fit Kit Story.

Adam Badat AK Active Personal Trainer

Hey guys, Adam here.

So for my birthday last October (29th if you need a reminder for next year,) people kept asking me, "Adam, what do you want?"

You see, I'm at that age now where socks are actually starting to become appealing, dressing gowns become my idea of a rock and roll Saturday night, and nothing feels better than a pair of new boxers!

Lockdown has changed the way we think and feel about things. We've come to value our own spaces so much more. It's also had an effect on the way we exercise, not least because gyms have been shut for the best part of a year.

For me it's no different. Yes, we have the AK Active studio, but we too stuck by the rules and stayed home. We didn't make use of it. There are a few reasons for this...

One reason is that we completely lost ourselves in the panic of having to completely shut down our business. We didn't have a clue what to do. The AK Studio that we literally started from nothing had to close. It was soul destroying and so stressful with so many unknowns.

Another reason was that by serving others so much, we forgot how to challenge and look after ourselves. We spend our days tending to the needs of others, helping them to be the best they can be so much that we forgot about ourselves. Don't get me wrong, that's our passion and I wouldn't change it for the world, but how could I expect to be there for others when I couldn't even be there for myself. Pretty hypocritical, right?

So what did I do to get around these issues and re-learn how to live in a world with COVID-19...

First of all I took action, I thought about what I CAN do, not what I can't do. In situations like this, you have to look at the positives, otherwise its a slippery slope my friend.

In doing this, I re-evaluated my goals, I wanted to become more functional, more useful and able to perform. Back in my bodybuilding days, sure I was strong when lifting a weight from A to B, but ask me to run 1k (let alone 5k) and I wouldn't have stood a chance. When I was younger, my inspiration came from big movie stars. Stallone. Schwarzenegger.

AK Active Personal Trainer Preston Stallone Schwarzenegger

But now, they come from other areas. People with great mental resilience with the power to push on in the toughest of circumstances. They are the people I look up to now. Think Armed forces, people like Ant Middleton. Functional. Focused.

Why? Because mental resilience is perhaps one of the most needed things through 2020 and now 2021.

Ant Middleton AK Active Preston Personal Trainer

Not only that, the people of our armed forced are pretty functional too, put them in any difficult situation and they will overcome. Not just mentally, but physically too. They have to be the best that they can be.

A reason why this realisation hit me so hard was that when I was younger, I nearly gave up university to enrol in the military. I even to this day have a sticker in my wallet that says "Future RAF pilot."

When I was younger, I had no confidence, no resilience and no mental fortitude. Things were starting to turn for me at the point where I tried to enrol, and now they have turned completely, to the point where I'm a little disappointed I didn't go for it.

But I digress. 

I wanted to become more functional, with more ability to perform, feel healthy and set a good example for our members. To do this, I started training more functionally, in a way that challenged my body in ways it had never been challenged before. As a result, I can run 10k with ease, I can do push ups, sit ups, press ups all day long. Im fitter and healthier, but most importantly, I have found myself again.

So taking it back to my birthday, what did I ask for?

I asked for money, believe it or not. But bear with me...

I asked for money so that I could transform more peoples lives and take them on a journey with me. And for this I give you, the AK Fit Kit.

AK Active Personal Trainer Preston

You see, I've been on this journey for many years now, trying to understand what works to sculpt and tone not just the body, but the mind too. In my opinion this is one of the BEST ways to do it.

I wanted to bring something to the table that meant people could train absolutely anywhere, whether they did it in their kitchen, garage, or outdoors at the local park.

I wanted to make the ultimate functional workout kit that could be taken anywhere, with the knowledge to go with it.

I wanted to give people the thrill and buzz of the outdoors, the feeling of endorphins and accomplishment running through their veins.

I think I've done it.

Now, you can add a whole new level to your fitness. Your workout anywhere, anytime. No gym needed.
- Suspension trainer
- Long resistance band
- Short resistance band
- Core mat
- Skipping rope
- AK drawstring
PLUS access to 10 pre-designed workouts available via your AK fob. Simply scan the DOB using your phone or tablet to be taken straight to your workout!
Check out the videos below. CLICK HERE to get yours

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