Why Rome got me fired up!

Inspired, amazed, astonished. Just a few of the words we would choose to describe our experience in Rome.

Before we went to Rome, I was really struggling. I had been very successful in the first part of the year. New house, new job.


I never wrote anything down, I didn’t have any goals set. Over the past 2 years I had kept diaries or journals. - this had helped me massively!!

Here as I write this, on the plane travelling back to the UK, I am more fired up than ever! I have half a year left to be where I want to be. I am determined to smash it.

But why am I so ON IT now??

The buildings are vast, the greatness and glory of ancient Rome can be truly felt as you walk around the city, a living museum.

They say that the further down you dig, the further back in time you go.

Vatican City, the Sistine chapel, the Roman forum, the great Colosseum. Great sculptures and architecture.

We got to see the very some of the first settlements in Rome, said to be the village of Romulus, the birth place of the beautiful city that is now Rome.

For me personally, what humbled me the most was the Sistine chapel and the rooms leading up to it.The most AMAZING things were painted on the ceilings. They were all of course flat, but the talented artists studied the human form and geometry to produce something that looks like its lifting away from the roof in 3D.

AK Active Sistene Chapel

I thought to myself, if these people can do this, then surely I can reach my goals. My goals that require nowhere near as much skill, but only determination.

It was a huge inspiration for me. I stood before Rome humbled. So the next time you get disheartened, remember that you’re living in a time where we are more connected than ever, with infinite power at our fingertips. Did the Romans have google? I think not...

If the Romans could to it thousands of years ago, you can reach your goals today.

Go get em.

Team AK Active Rome



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