Why our members are SO HAPPY!

We pride ourselves on our compassion and the support we provide to our members. But thats not all...

There is no diet!
Part of living life is about eating the foods that you love, that’s why in our plans, NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS!

If you love the food you eat, and STILL are able to get in shape, then the diet becomes sustainable, something that you can easily stick with.

There are too many extreme diets about. Nobody wants to cut carbs, nobody wants to eat rabbit food. All it does is make us miserable and then bounce back twice as hard from any progress that we’ve made! When we do this to ourselves, it often makes us have uncontrollable cravings for junk!

A nutrition plan from Team AK will see that the only restrictions you have are simply caloric, to enable you to lose weight, feel more confident and healthy. Remember, no food should be off limits!

Results! 🔥
Eat the food you want but STILL get results?? That can’t be right can it?! Just ask our clients...

“I like to play around with recipes so I never eat the same food and the plan never gets boring. To be honest it’s all down to you and Kimberly without your help and encouragement I wouldn’t be here thank you xx” - Joanne

Joanne is satisfied, eating what she loves and is 13lbs down after just THREE WEEKS! - Not to mention all of the inches she’s lost too!

They feel supported 🤗
We are on hand at all times to support our members. Health, fitness, dieting, can all be a minefield to some but we are here to make it simple. We understand that a huge part of being healthy and confident is actually living life!

We all have families, work & busy lives! But the key is to create something that fits around you ❣️. It can be done!

“Motivated to smash this now.. thanks to you guys .. Nutrition side is working wonders for me.. dont feel hungry or tired.. Many thanks again for your help.” - Iby

Drop us a message and see what we can do for you.

Well done to all of our members who continue to get amazing results 👏

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