Welcome Steve the B******!

"Turn up, dry your eyes princess and get on with it...

Motivate yourself to work as hard as you can. Then when you think you can't do any more, do three more!"

Steve brings 10 years of experience to the AK Active studio! Not only that, he has a history in the armed forces AND public services. This makes him the perfect trainer to help you burn calories and shed those pounds!

MetaFIT with Steve is HERE!

We have a brand NEW class and wanted to be the first to tell you!

Every Tuesday at 6.30pm we will be holding a MetaFIT class at our AK Studio!

If you struggle for time or want to burn fat FAST, you need this:

30 min class

Burn up to 650 kcals


Boost metabolism

Improve speed, strength, stamina & agility

Not only this, but MetaFIT is extremely safe because no weights are involved! We are just using bodyweight exercises.

There is a hard OR an easier option for the exercises as you start to fatigue during the workout, meaning that there really is something for everyone, of all abilities.

Classes will be run by the legendary Steve Marsden, and he will push you beyond what you thought was possible!

You can find us at: AK Active, Watkin Lane, Lostock Hall.

Simply click below to sign up to our 4 week class pass at just £5 per session! It will be the best thing you ever do!


PS - Just look what it did to Kimberley...

AK Active Studio


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