The FREE January Challenge You Need!


A month where we start with the best of intentions. New diet, new gym regime, new promises, a new you.

This January though, its a little different. We're in lockdown, it's illegal for a gym to be open and we've just come out of the most difficult year of living memory for so many.

That's why in 2021, it was more important than ever that we got a lightning start out of the blocks. For most of us though, it has been so hard to get going.

Covid-19 has us isolating, it’s trying to break us apart, it’s making us feel alone, distant and out of touch.
Can you even imagine much more of this? Potentially we could be locked down for months to come.
Isolated, with no support, no community and no get go.
But now that changes.
Lancashire’s best mental health supporting gym brings you the ultimate challenge to get back on track, and bring the people of Lancashire together during lockdown, with not a single zoom class in sight!
For an amazing cause, too. In aid of Lancashire MIND Charity. You can make a difference not only to your own physical and mental health, but to those in Lancashire who suffer from mental health problems and need support.
The aim is to give people inspiration to get out into the world, be accountable, boost mental health and become closer to the people of Lancashire in our connected group.
Each week get a new themed fun challenge that gets you moving and out into Lancashire. Get out and complete the challenge with the whole family or as per the rules, with one person outdoors. Be held accountable and supported by the whole of Lancashire in our private group.
Not only that, we give you mini challenges that help develop your mindset and healthy habits during the six weeks.
As recognition for helping to support the people of Lancashire, and as a thank you from us, you will be rewarded with the AK Active patch as pictured below. You can stick it to your favourite gym tee or hoodie for all to see!
AK Active Lancashire Challenge
£5 from every participant will be donated to Lancashire mind.

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