The AK Active Documentary by Jamie Cross! - Our FIRST Guest Blog!

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to our latest blog post! This post is a guest blog by up and coming photographer and videographer, Jamie Cross!
We are proud to support Jamie as he completes his college studies. You'll probably see his work all over our page, including the following two videos!
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Enjoy! - Adam
By Jamie Cross:
Adam and Kimberly are just two examples of people that have turned their life around through fitness and nutrition. Having previously encountered bullying in their lives, they thought they would make a change for the best, whilst making their own company to help others.

Kimberley was bullied throughout her younger years and felt like she had to change her lifestyle to become who she is today. Kimberley’s fitness has now developed so much she now has built a business to help others. 

Kimberly now uses fitness to help her through any tough situations in life, as it helps her become stress free as exercise releases happy endorphins.

Kimberley started to gain qualifications in fitness and nutrition and Adam began body building which is what led them into their business venture. 

Kimberley and Adam have built their business from the garage of their house to a fitness studio, and currently have over 50 members attending AK Active. However due to their own personal stories they, offer more than just fitness in order to help others turn their lives around.

As you can see fitness is a crucial part of Kimberley's life, and now she has turned her own life around for the better she has many more goals set for herself and her company.

Kimberley's husband and business partner Adam also has other reasons why he chose to change his life around for the better...

Proving people wrong is exactly what Adam did. He now has been training since he was 16 and he has gone on to win six awards for having the best physique. His fitness has had a really positive aspect on not just his physique but also his mentality.

Adam also uses fitness to help himself through tough times and this is what motivates him to train.

He also helps Kimberley with the fitness business and helps others turn their life around. As well and having seen the signs of health, confidence and fitness I wanted to know what message Adam likes to spread through his business.

Adam and Kimberley train many people Bethany being one of them so I wanted to find out what her reason was for starting fitness.

6.03 Those where the reasons Bethany started fitness and she also has reasons how this helped her.

6.41 Bethany now wants to encourage others to get fitter as it has helped her through tough times. I wanted to know if she could see a difference in herself mentally since exercising.

6.58 As you have seen fitness has helped these three people turn their lives around, so if you are stuck in the same rut Kimberly, Adam and Bethany were stuck in, why don’t you try fitness to see if it can help you change your life around as well.

- Jamie Cross

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