Stop paying for people to give you a Chicken and rice diet! 🤬

You’re paying for people to restrict your food, both by calories and by taste. Did you really have to part with your money to start hating life?


⛔️ Do you enjoy it?

⛔️ Can you see yourself doing it months down the line?


If you answered no to any of those two questions, then it’s not sustainable, and you WILL rebound back to where you started.


Things you should know before you sign up for a “nutrition plan.”


⚠️ Carbs don’t make you fat!

You can still eat them, and still lose weight. Why is cutting out carbs the go to thing for coaches?? Because if you cut anything out, you’re left with a huge hole on your plate! Cutting carbs cuts energy, you’ll feel lethargic and get hungry...
Think about the bigger picture. You have a family, you have to get through a days work!


⚠️ You CAN eat after 5pm!

Myth. It doesn’t matter when you eat. So don’t sit there starving yourself because you missed your window...


⚠️ You CAN eat the foods you love!

Food is life, we as humans love food, so why should we have to accept something so contrary to what’s in our DNA? You can still eat the foods you love and reach your weight loss goals.


⚠️ You DON’T have to isolate yourself from your family!
You’re not a bodybuilder, so why should you be expected to eat like one? You don’t need to make separate meals at separate times where you find yourself eating alone and trying your best not to devour the whole of your families food because it smells so good compared to yours!


And if you have any doubts about any of these points, feel free to ask one of our members. The members who have u limited choice in their food, the ones who have never been so full whilst losing weight, and the ones who don’t even feel like they’re on a diet.


Nutrition has evolved.


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