Same S*&T, Different Day?

What is needed to reach our goals? How do we get where we need to be?

There is a saying that, "The same old things bring the same old results."

BUT - Can the same things be contributory to success?

Take this for example, you get yourself into a new mindset, a new way of thinking. You are more positive, more productive and you are also more regimented. It could be said that you are performing a "new set" of same old things. The difference here compared to the "old set" same old thing is that:

1. You have tried something new to make a positive change

2. You have taken action!

The latter is very important. Action is what gets us where we need to be, in any aspect of life. In study, in work, in relationships, in health and in fitness.

Routines build habits, and habits breed success.

Lets say you were getting ready for a bodybuilding show:

- You prep your food on the Sunday for the week

- You sustain a calorie deficit to lose weight

- You get up earlier

- You train consistently and push yourself

- You get enough sleep

These points are a basic routine, once performed repeatedly for 16 weeks, (a usual bodybuilding show prep) you will know your diet off by heart, you will know how hard to push yourself and the amount of cardio you need to do. You will even know how much sleep you need to stop you feeling hangry!

I have chosen a bodybuilding routine for one main reason, it is the blueprint to success in any endeavour as it enforces discipline. The steps above are a breakdown of an overall goal, to win a bodybuilding trophy, notice that they are broken into small chunks? Take note ;).

So my point here is; "Same shit, different day" can actually be used to your advantage.

Habit, consistency, drive, the will to succeed will all ensure that a goal is met.

Pick your goal, aim and fire yourself through it.

P.S - Don't forget to look back and reflect to see just how far you've come.

- Adam


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