Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 18th-24th May.


The theme this year is kindness.


AK Active is a family. We can't stress how important our community is for us, it makes AK Active unique.


It's so important to play an active role in your community and be kind. Give something back and make your community stronger.


Try reaching out to a member of your community to see if they need help in these tough times. It could be a neighbour or friend, it could be a local food bank or charity.


- Make that call

- Reach out to your community

- Check up on a neighbour

- Support a local charity

- Spread positivity on social media


We would love to know how you are raising awareness this week. Make sure you use the hash tags:






As Lancashire's Best Mental Health Supporting Gym, we are here if you need a chat. Pop us an inbox and we will give you a call.


AK Active Lancashires Best Mental Health Supporting Gym

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