Get summer ready with these diet hacks!

We get it, we all want to lose weight but not change our ways...

Why? Because we love food and watching series box sets too much LOL

Whilst an element of this is true, we would always recommend doing some sort of physical fitness activity to raise your heart rate once in a while.

But that's not why we're here.

We want to make it so that a diet doesn't feel like a diet. It has to work, but it also has to feel like nothing has changed. This is because we are creatures of habit and therefore a huge change (like a crash diet for example) will have too much of an impact, and we end up rebounding AND feeling worse than ever!

Check out these small tweaks that you can make to your diet to still love your food but trim the pounds too!

1. Switch to low fat yoghurt

Recently me and Kimberley compared our Greek yoghurts, Kimberley having low fat and me having the normal kind. In my yoghurt was DOUBLE the calories!

Choose the low fat option and enjoy a higher volume of food, enabling you to feel fuller for longer!

2. Cook with healthy sprays

Instead of glugging enough oil in the pan to put the middle east out of business, use something like 1kcal spray, its quick and easy and does the job. Just 10ml of olive oil has over 80 calories!

3. Increase your protein intake

Protein takes longer to digest in the body, therefore leaving you fuller for longer, and as protein is the building block to muscle mass, we need to keep it in there.

Preservation of muscle is vital for when we start stripping down that fat to reveal some amazing muscle tone.

4. Increase your veg intake

Not the most amazing thing in the world, unless you love veg? But still, as above, increasing your food volume will make you feel fuller and satisfied for longer. PLUS there are barely any calories in veg AND they are full of goodness. Your body will love you for it.

5. Keep fats low (if you want)

Now we know that fats are not the enemy here, and no foods should be off limits. But fats contain 9 calories per gram compared to the 4 that you get from a gram of protein or carbohydrate. So naturally, you can get away with higher food volumes when consuming more protein and carbs. This doesn't mean cut out fats completely. Fats are vital for the human body, for hormone regulation and cell regeneration, to name a few things.

6. Switch to almond milk

Its not to everybody's taste, but switching to unsweetened almond milk, especially in things like cereal and porridge where it will go largely unnoticed means that you will save a heap of calories! - I actually prefer the nutty flavour over skimmed milk.

So there you have it, six simple hacks that you can implement to get your summer body on track.

Do you have any hacks? If so, let us know!

And don't forget, our next Transform for Summer programme starts on the 1st of June, you can sign up now by clicking this link!


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