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Think positively!

How does the world work?! Do you believe in the law of attraction? Think about all of the thoughts you have, are the majority of them positive or negative?

I try to think as positively as possible (or at least I think i do!) However it’s easy to get caught up on thinking about the things I don’t want. This is something I did recently and I needed a wake up call!

It is said that we attract things into our own universe, the things we think about and dwell on the most. Think about it, you’re day starts off bad, and that sets a precedent for the rest of the day and you remain in a bad mood!

Don’t think, “I don’t want to be late.” The very fact that you have thought of the word late means that it’s sitting there in your head. Instead think, “I’m going to make it, I will make it on time”.
Apply it to your health and fitness goals. Imagine yourself healthier, imagine yourself hitting those PB's, break that marathon time!

The things you want in life? Dream to achieve it. Think positively, think about the life you want to lead, think about the things you want and they will be in much closer reach than you think. You will embark upon a journey to get what you want as doors open through positive thoughts.


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