Ever Wanted To Run 5k?

AK Active #AK5k


The 5k run. They are gaining more and more in popularity, yet the more people are trying, the more others are shying away from it, too scared to even attempt it.

You know us, our motto is health, confidence, fitness.

In true AK style, you can do it with us, for free! Join us for the ultimate in accountability and let us show you how we use our amazing community to reach our goals.

We are here for you. if you've ever wanted to achieve something but are too anxious about doing it. With us, you can't fail.

So many people are taking control and jumping onboard with us. In fact, we have too many pictures to post!

With us you could:

- Run 5k

- Start small in manageable progressions

- Be held accountable

- Get access to our private community

- Burn calories

- Boost your fitness

- Be confident in running!

Sound good? Then we want you. Drop us a message and lets get started!

Ready when you are :)


AK Active #AK5k


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