Don't make these 3 mistakes AFTER lockdown!

Hey! Kimberley here!

Lockdown is over (fingers crossed...) The world is starting to turn again and slowly but surely, our lives can get back to normal, whatever that is!

I've gathered THREE top mistakes that you should definitely not do after lock down. If you do, it could really affect your progress and eventually stop you in your tracks. Avoiding these three mistakes means that you'll stay motivated, stay on track, and be more likely to make you new routine into healthy habit.

So lets go...


Mistake 1 - Don't compare yourself to others.

Instead, run your own race. This is about you and nobody else. What we see online, on social media is exactly what people want us to see, a perfect image. Focusing on these images can get us down, but remember, they are taken at the perfect angle, under the perfect lighting, and often with the perfect photoshop skills! It's not realistic, and often not maintainable year round, unless you want to have no life and be miserable!

Focus on you and your own progress. This is your journey.


Mistake 2 - Don't Punish Yourself!

Punishing yourself will lead to ups and downs, in moods, in dieting, and in weight loss. If you're feeling down about how you've lived over lockdown, punishing yourself by starving and killing yourself in the gym isn't going to help. It sends you to the other extreme. As a result, you'll burn out and be back where you started.

Take things slow, move a little more, eat a little less and recognise that change takes time, but you will get there.


Mistake 3 - Don't sit back and wait

The world is changing daily, if you don't move with it, you'll get buried deeper and deeper by the effects of lockdown. Remember, action over anxiety. The world is a scary place right now, but it will be more scary if the hustle and bustle comes back and you're still afraid to leave the house.

The time is now to make the change and get on track in 2020. 

I hope that helps somewhat. If you need any help, contact us or drop us an email:

Kimberley x

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