Do fat burners really work?!

Everybody loves a good quality fat burner right? Consumed by the masses in the hope of reducing the amount of fat that their body holds. But do they really work? Lets take a deeper look into the ingredient list and find out!

Lets take our own signature product - Blitz & Burn. We are very proud of how it has been developed in order to support our clients and we believe that it does the job very well!

This product was designed to do the following:

1. Support dieters

2. Reduce stress

3. Reduce hunger

4. Increase concentration

fat burner

So, lets look at the main ingredients and analyse how they support our clients and enable them to reach their goals:

Green Tea - Known for its powerful antioxidant properties and the ability to free up fatty acids from cells within the body.

L-TyrosinePrecursor to some neurotransmitters such as dopamine (the happy hormone.) Good for relieving stress, relieving depression, burnout, anxiety, and mental fatigue. Improving alertness and enhance cognitive performance. Improving workout intensity, increase recuperation and preventing over-training, Increased thermogenesis/fat oxidation.

Caffeine - increased energy, frees up fatty acids

L-TheanineCreates calm & focus, relaxing, promotes productivity, supports dopamine, promotes alpha brain waves - awake, alert and relaxed. When implemented with caffeine, it narrows focus and enhances attention & improves reaction time.

Capsicum (Cayenne) - Thermogenic properties in order to raise the bodies internal temperature

Vitamin B6 - boosts immune system and improves metabolic rate, good for healthy hair, skin, nails and acne. vitamin B-6 is involved in the production of serotonin, which is a hormone that aids in hunger control.

Vitamin B12 - promotes healthy nerves and red blood cells, reduces fatigue.

So whats the verdict?

Our fat burners are designed to actively support a weight loss programme. You will find that no fat burners on the market will work solely on their own no matter how good they are (if they are that good then they are probably not legal!) They are best accompanied by a good solid nutrition plan. They have the ability to boost your energy and mood whilst reducing hunger pangs - particularly important whilst dieting!

We developed ours from knowing the struggles of dieting. Our clients use them at the gym, for a boost at work and in every day life to support them and help them reach their goals!

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