Did you smash January? Be prepared for the rest of the year...


Okay so we are coming to the end of January. For some, its the longest month of the year, for others its absolutely flown! It has definitely flown for us...


Because we have been so busy working on our goals and helping you work on yours that we have absolutely loved it!

If you have absolutely smashed January, you've lost weight, you've improved your fitness levels or maybe you just feel better in yourself, well done. We are proud of you.

If you've taken more me time or taken time to appreciate and reward yourself then go you! We are proud of you.

You see, some people wont have accomplished as much as you have. It's really not their fault, they maybe just haven't had the right direction to help them achieve their new years resolutions. BUT, you need to be prepared for these people.

These people will turn into the negative ninnies for the rest of the year and put pressure on you to abandon your goals and rebound for the rest of the year.

Again, why?

Because you've achieved something and they haven't, and they are jealous.

Key things to look out for:

- They try to make you eat off plan by bringing in tasty treats or heading out of work for lunch.

- They look at you like you have two heads for actually bringing meal prep to work.

- Comments like, "rather you than me" when you tell people that you're hitting a class or the gym tonight, like its somewhere they wouldn't be seen dead!

Don't give into it. You are growing, you are on a journey, you are finding a happier and healthier self.

Don't let anybody take away from that.

You may even find that you struggle to have things in common with people. That's fine too! As you evolve as a person, your goals change and so will your circle. 

Embrace it, stick to it and never have to make a New Years resolution again when it comes to your health and wellbeing.

Do it for you, you owe it to yourself.


P.S - A HUGE well done to all of our members and NEW members for completing the first 4 weeks back in 2020! To see you grow, become more confident, be happier in mind and in body has simply been an honour for us. We appreciate every single one of you!

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