Before You Back Another Lock Down...

Before you back another lock down...
Consider the impact that those local businesses have on your life.
Consider the local businesses that won’t be there when that lockdown ends.
Whatever the decision, we will respect it. Why?
1. Because we respect our members, their safety is paramount to us as Lancashire’s best mental health supporting gym.
2. We understand our members concerns around the pandemic and we want them to come into AK Active without anxiety or fear.
We will respect it and adhere to it, but we may not support it. Why?
1. Because gyms are one of the safest place’s to visit because of the passion and hard work of those in the industry. The infection rate of gyms is much lower than that of in restaurants.
2. Because we were given lock down, a huge period of inactivity for many. This was a huge strain on both physical and mental health, and this cannot be tolerated again.
3. Because after that lock down you gave us eat out to help out. You stopped us from training and then gave us half price food. The obesity crisis and mental health issues looming following the pandemic will overload the NHS and kill more than COVID-19 ever will.
4. Because we are the escape for so many. We don’t just run or lift weights. It’s beyond training. We make people feel part of something. We uplift the nation, we energise them. We boost mental and physical health, including the immune system.
Our members are everything to us.
So we ask you, consider the impact. Consider if you can be without your local businesses, because they might not be there when this is all over.
Team AK

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