3 Tips to get on track this year!


How are your goals progressing as we get to the end of February? (wow!)

This weekend was amazing and even emotional for some at our FREE AK Active Re-Boot Camp. We wanted to put on the free session to really help people who started in January with the best intentions to change their life but have maybe lost track as we come to the end of February. This was open to ANYBODY. Not just AK members...

It happens.

A lot.

But it doesn’t have to!

We spent the morning talking about how you can stay on track by doing what you love to reach your goals. Such an inspirational morning for everyone involved, and thank you all for sharing with the group!

Here's THREE tips you can use to stay on track and focused in 2020.

1. Find your DEEP why It cant be just, "Because I want to lose 2 stone."

Think about why you want to lose 2 stone in the first place. Is it because you want to be more active for the kids? Maybe you want to reach the top level of the sport you play, maybe you just want to feel better in yourself and ultimately have more confidence.


2. Set short medium and long term goals Your goal can't just be, "Lose 2 stone." It's too ambitious and you're not likely to do it quickly without making yourself very ill in the process.

Instead, break it up into short, medium and long term. Long - Lose 2 stone Medium - Drop a dress or waist size Short - Lose 2 pounds Make it manageable and celebrate the small wins. Keep chipping away and you will look back one day and be a million miles away from where you started.


3. Love it In order to succeed at what you're doing, you need to simply love it.

Enjoy your training and reach your goals eating the foods you love. In order for this to happen, your training should provide enough support in both mind and body. Your food should be tasty and full of flavour so that you don't feel like you're on a diet.

Need any help? Simply contact us and lets talk.

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