2020 is a HUGE year for AK Active and YOU. Here's why...

So here we are, over half way into the first month of 2020. Where has it gone? I'm sure the years pass by faster and faster...

Not least because of how much work we are putting in at AK Active, in all honesty, we are rushed off our feet! But that's only because we are living our dream by helping people become happy, healthy and more confident. When you're doing that, it never feels like work!

Here's what you should know about AK Active in 2020. No matter where you are in the world, we have the expertise to help you lead a happier, healthier and more confident life...

1. We are the Number 1 gym in Lancashire for mental health support

Thanks to our AMAZING members and the people of Lancashire. We have been voted the BEST gym in Lancashire for supporting mental health. We are so happy to be helping hundreds of people along with the local community and are thankful that our influence is being felt across Lancashire. Hopefully this award can help to spread our message even further so we can help others.

Read the article CLICK HERE

AK Active mental health preston lancashire

2. We have TWO NEW team members

Say Hello to Maddie & Robyn! They are the newest members of Team AK and they can't wait to get started. We can't wait either, they are just as passionate about helping people as we are. See them in one of our latest YouTube videos! You will be seeing a lot more of them at AK Active going forwards.

3. Our nutrition plans are better than ever

Our nutrition plans are like nothing else. No limits and 100% tailored to you. Now they are even better. Even more choice and remastered for 2020. We are so proud of them and can't wait to help more of you lose weight, gain muscle and ooze confidence!

You can find them by CLICKING HERE

4. Our training plans have been remastered

Just like our nutrition plans, our training plans look amazing for 2020! No matter where you are in the world, out training plans will help you stay strict and accountable to your workouts to have the most effective sessions. We tailor your plans to your needs. Maybe you need something to support the sport you play, or something to improve posture. No matter what it is, we tailor 100% to you.

Get your plan now by CLICKING HERE

5. Our App is being released

We are making it easier than ever for our clients to keep on track. Instant access to their training and nutrition plans through our app PLUS a full schedule of AK classes on offer so that they never miss a single one! They will also be able to shop our latest products on there plus send all of their check ins directly and discreetly. Look out for it coming soon!

AK Active app Preston Lancashire

6. Kimberley is now Exercise Referral Qualified

Kimberleys latest qualification means that she can now take on clients through referral by the NHS and private healthcare. This could be for a number of conditions, but means that AK Active is more prepared than ever to provide the best possible level of care to our members.

AK Active exercise referral

7. Our Ultimate Kickstart is better than ever!

Our January Kickstart was the best one yet, with members buzzing to smash their New Years Resolutions. Not only that, they have a huge range of new kit to play with, from squat racks, cables, tractor tyres, prowlers and soon to be punch bags!

Our support is better than ever. All members now have access to:

- Their own mentor to help and guide them along their journey.

- A guide to success to help them truly figure out their why and their goals. Not only that, we help them to break their goals down to make them manageable.

- A coaching call with us every two weeks to review their goals to ensure they are on track.

So there we have it. We are 19 days into 2020 upon writing this and look how amazing this year is shaping up to be.

No matter what your goal is in 2020, we have your back.



  • Hi Andy, Ref your comment above, YES! Kimberley is actually exercise referral qualified.

    What is exercise referral?
    A referral made by
    -Mental health professionals
    -Pre/post natal health care professionals

    Level 4 special instructor, that’s has the appropriate skills, qualifications & experience
    That cover
    Psychological / mental health conditions

    We strongly believe that you cannot be fit until you are healthy in both body and mind. One in six people suffer from anxiety and depression (WHO) and that’s just the ones that are actually diagnosed. As soon as you enter the doors of AK Active, you will be freed of this mindset.

    Maybe stop by and see how we do things at AK Active! :)

    AK Active
  • Hi, I keep reading you’re a ‘mental heath gym’ but I haven’t read anything that you actually do to support this? Are you mentally health trained?


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