10 things to tell my younger self - Adam

So today I turn 29. My grandad would have turned 88. This is my first birthday without him.


Here is 10 things I would tell my younger self if I knew then, what I know now.

1. Cherish your grandparents 

My grandparents played a huge part in my upbringing and to them I will be forever grateful. My grandad passed on last December, and it’s one of the single hardest things I’ve ever had to deal with. Make as many memories as you can. Write down and record the stories they tell you about their youth, about living through the war, about what life was like back then. I guarantee you will never hear another story like those ones.

2. Stop playing games

I know that video games are big now, and you can get paid for playing them. But if I knew then what I know now? I would have thrown the PS3 out instantly and spent more time developing myself. The years I spent playing games, I was a different person, feeding the introvert inside me and getting nowhere. Nobody cares about your KD ratio!

3. You can only help people so much

I’ve spent my life thus far hoping and wishing that a bit of a helping hand will see those that I love take charge and make a better life for themselves. When you keep trying to help those that won’t help themselves, you will only bring yourself down.

4. If you think life is hard, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Trust me, make the most of what you have now, no further explanation needed.

5. Work hard to be successful so you can give something back.

Its great to achieve something, it’s even greater when you have the power to be able to give something back to those who have helped you or to those that are less fortunate than you.

6. You have to think of yourself

If you try to please everyone, you please no one. And in trying, you will fall into a dark place. The single best thing you can do is think for yourself first, be at your optimum, then you can help those around you properly.

7. Make the most of NOW

Life isn’t always easy, if you’re happy and healthy, then make the most of it. There is always somebody who wishes they were in the same position as you.

8. Your circle will get smaller

Remember when all your mates got together at that 18th birthday party? That will be the last time you see most of them. The ones that matter will stay in your life.

9. Celebrate your successes

No matter how big or small, a win is a win. Celebrate success instead of getting caught up on the next goal in your sights. It will help to keep you uplifted and positive.

10. Always keep learning new things

Its NEVER too late to learn new things. I’m a project manager with an engineering degree who has a fitness business with his wife. Two completely different ends of the spectrum, I only wish that I had gotten my act together years earlier.


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