Local Ladies & Gents Are Losing Weight, Building Muscle Tone & Boosting Confidence With The AK Strength & Conditioning Program! 

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Here's What YOU Can Expect On The AK S&C Program.

Drop Inches & Lose Fat!

Lose a few notches on your belt or drop a dress size as our training sessions enable you to burn fat from stubborn areas that you've tried to do for years without success!

3 Challenging Sessions Per Week

Where we focus on a body part split with functional cardio to really push your limits whilst having fun with the members at the same time. These sessions give you the focus you need to get serious results. Its like having a group PT session.

Guidance So You Can't Fail

You check in with the AK Team every single week to make sure you are getting the results you deserve. We respond personally to every single member to make sure they are on track. With our accountability you cannot fail.

Build Muscle & Shape Your Body

I show you the exact techniques I used to shape my body and win SIX trophies along the way. Your body composition will completely change as we drop fat and build muscle tone.

Delicious Tailored Nutrition

A nutrition plan thats sustainable and doesn't feel like a bodybuilders diet. This is food that the whole family will love and one that gets you the body that you deserve.

14 People. RESULTS, NOT Member Numbers

Our sessions are limited to 14 to give you the attention to detail you need to reach your goals, no matter what they may be. The sessions operate as a challenging group PT with a fun, friendly togetherness as you get results and build new connections.

We Designed The AK S&C Program For YOU.

Specifically For Busy Ladies & Gent's Who Have STOPPED Making Progress & Need To Get Back Their Drive, Focus and Energy.

I know because I've been there and been through it just like you. I've been so busy and overwhelmed to the point where being able to get up at the crack of dawn, feeling driven and energised just wasn't there anymore. At first I thought it was depression although I didn't want to accept it. I went to the doctors, had blood tests done to check for any deficiencies and upped my vitamins to try and patch over the problem. I had totally lost my motivation and my zest for life. I didn't even know what I enjoyed doing anymore and my family life was suffering as a result.

I had lost ALL focus at the gym, I had no plan, I just got there and went through the motions. Aimlessly wandering around, even just sat there scrolling through social media on my rest periods. My progress was stagnant. I learnt that if you're not moving forwards, you really are going backwards.

I needed something that could give me the kick I needed to get back on track and find myself again. I needed to be at my BEST for me so that I could be at my best for the others around me, my friends and family. - They couldn't keep seeing me running on empty like this. - ADAM

Does That Sound Like You?

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Check Out Some Of Our Results!

Dan Skyrocketed His Confidence!

Dan came to me at rock bottom. His confidence was at an all time low and he was completely stuck in a rut. He needed help & fast. We gave him structure & routine through our sessions and tailored nutrition, set him a goal and saw him exceed it. His newfound confidence landed him a new job!

James lost THREE Stone!

James is a busy family man with a full time job and two kids. In his time with AK Active, he's lost three stone to the point where now, we are focusing on building more muscle mass in sessions and through his nutrition.

Pete Lost A Stone In FIVE WEEKS!

Pete shows us that age is just a number! If you have the right tools around you, you can achieve anything. Because AK Active is committed to attention to detail, we are able to tailor sessions to Petes requirements so that he gets the most out of his sessions with us. The results are simply amazing!

Craig Lost Fat And Built Muscle!

Just look at the amazing body composition change in Craig! Craig came to us needing a kickstart to build some new habits, structures and routines that would mean he can get results and learn how to keep them sustainably. If it doesn't feel like a diet, if it doesn't feel like a chore, its easy to stick to!

Heres Whats Included In The Program...

3x 1hr Sessions Per Week

Train with the gents three times per week as we work on a body part split with specific exercises that Adam used to shred fat and build muscle in order to win SIX bodybuilding trophies. The sessions are challenging and fun as we  build camaraderie through team training. Sessions are limited to 14 people in order to give each member the attention to detail they need through the session.

Fully Tailored Nutrition Plan

We tailor your calories to meet the goal you set out to achieve with us. We believe that if you love the food you eat, it never feels like a diet AND you can see yourself on it for life. Thats how we get life changing results. Your plan will be full of the foods you know, no rabbit salads or bodybuilding food here! This is food that the whole family can enjoy with nothing off limits.

Accountability & Guidance

We give you so much guidance that you simply cannot fail. From pictures and measurements to our weekly check in system. You'll also have access to ALL of the AK Active instructors via WhatsApp so we are always in reach! If you are sick of getting no results and need a kick, you need this program.

Group Access For Life

Train with the gents three times per week as we work on a body part split with specific exercises that Adam used to shred fat and build muscle in order to win SIX bodybuilding trophies. The sessions are challenging and fun as we  build camaraderie through team training. 


Remember, our programs are based on life changing RESULTS, not membership numbers. If you're ready to take control and make positive changes, this is the one for you.

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A Bit About Us...

Hey, Adam & Kimberley here.We are body transformation experts and owners of AK Active, Lancashire's BEST mental health supporting gym. We specialise in helping others achieve their goals of feeling AMAZING. We help people BOOST their confidence and feel at their best in both body and mind.

This wasn't always the case though, We learnt the hard way that commercial gyms are scary places: "We were anxious, we felt intimidated as soon as we walked in. We were so anxious about getting in the gym, not knowing anybody, not knowing what to do, worried about what people would think of us."

After falling through so many pitfalls, we had the knowledge. We knew exactly how to control our bodies to achieve what we wanted. This led to Adam winning SIX bodybuilding trophies, and Kimberley dropping SIX dress sizes!

Now we are here to help you. Let's get you some results and change your life with our special program. If you're ready to take control, we are ready to give you all the knowledge and support you need.

Adam & Kimberley - Team AK

We have been through it all so you don't have to. From not knowing a thing about exercise and nutrition, being too scared to even enter a gym, abusive and mentally damaging relationships, and being bullied for the way we look. Here we stand, with numerous fitness qualifications, bodybuilding trophies and a passion for helping others feel comfortable in their own skin. We can't wait to help you. We have a 5000sqft+ facility to change lives. Check out the footage below of us in action before lockdown.

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