September 10

10 Weeks From Anxiety & Low Mood, To Looking & Feeling AMAZING!

You may not have seen an advertisement for my men's program for a while. Why? Because it's often fully booked due to the amazing results we get…

Because of results like this!

James has lost over THREE STONE! 

James came to me in a similar position to many others. He found that pre-lockdown, he was active and exercised regularly. But post lockdown, he needed a kickstart to build his confidence and get him going again.

During lockdown he had periods of anxiety and low mood.

Our mission was to change all this, lose some weight, give him the support he needs and trim up the midsection.

We introduced James to some functional strength training and HIIT, with a sustainable nutrition plan that the whole family can enjoy. With a bit of accountability and community, we've smashed it.

I always say to James during every session, "Where's your book?!" - I made him get a book to track his progress weekly and really get what he came for.

This way he can feel accomplished every time he walks through the door.

James said, "I look and feel better already, I didn’t think I'd make these changes so quickly. I've basically been stuck at the same weight for years and tried various things that haven't worked so thank you!”

I think we can firmly say, JOB DONE.

James is with us for twelve months, so we are looking forward to seeing what the next phase brings us.

Want to get involved? Book an action planning session with me personally through this very website.

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